Exactly when Naturopathy as a science came into being is difficult to say. Hippocrates is considered the Father of naturopathic medicine. The Hippocratic school treated disease with diet, fasting, herbs, hydrotherapy, exercise and spinal manipulation. These basic principles of healing are now used as the foundation of naturopathic philosophy.

Their most basic tenet, via medicatrix naturae (only nature heals) which emphasizes the body’s ability to heal itself given the chance, is still the central theme of naturopathic philosophy.

Acute illness or healing crisis is seen as the bodies attempt to cleanse itself, and although many times not pleasant; it should not be hindered, eg diarrhoea is the bodies attempt to get without noxious substances as quickly as possible, and by taking medication to prevent this condition you would then leave the noxious substances within the body.

So although short term you may feel more comfortable, long term it is some of these substances in the body that lead onto chronic disease.

Naturopathy can be used to improve most illnesses/diseases.
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