Osteopathy is a natural therapy which seeks to overcome the many diseases, disabilities and pains which results from disturbances of the body’s framework and moving parts.

Osteopathy is a modern scientific development of the two oldest forms of treatment known to man, massage and manipulation. Also passive stretching and gentle release techniques are used, especially when treating the very young and elderly patients.

The treatment programme may include advice on posture, diet, lifestyle, stress and exercise as all of these factors may contribute to the problem. The Osteopath, rather than treating symptoms, will attempt to remove the mechanical and other problems that can hinder the body’s natural ability to maintain itself in a state of health.

Osteopathy is used to treat the following conditions – neck and back ache, arthritis, disc prolapse, spondylitis, tennis elbow, whiplash, sciatica, lumbago, headaches, joint pains and sports injuries.
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