What is Reiki?
Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) is a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Energy. Reiki is the name given to the system of natural healing; this system has been developed from ancient Buddhist teachings over many years. Reiki is a no belief system; anyone can receive Reiki or become a Reiki practitioner and give Reiki treatments.
Who are Reiki practitioners?
With the correct training anyone can become a Reiki practitioner. A qualified Reiki Teaching Master must give training. Training is in stages, 1, 2 and 3 (or master). Training to master level can take many years, this allows the practitioner to develop his or her own skills. Only practitioners at level 2 or above should offer treatments on a commercial basis. Markland Complementary Therapy Centre only uses practitioners who are trained to master level or above.
What conditions can Reiki help?
Reiki can be used to support all forms of treatment both orthodox and complementary. Reiki can heal at any level of the body physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Reiki helps the body to heal itself, acute injuries can be healed quickly whilst chronic illnesses take longer. As well as physical injury or illness Reiki is a very useful treatment for stress of all kinds.
What form will the treatment take?
Receiving Reiki is a very simple process. The recipient will be asked to lie on a treatment couch or bed and relax; there is no need to remove any clothing to receive Reiki. Treatments can also be given in a sitting position if required. The practitioner gently positions their hands in a sequence of positions designed to cover the whole body, this is done in a non-intrusive manner. Reiki will pass through clothing, dressings and even plaster casts! Reiki treats the whole person not just a specific injury, illness or symptom. Treatment typically take between 45 and 90 minutes.
What will I feel?
Some clients report a warm feeling either from the hands of the practitioner or from inside their own bodies. Some people do not feel anything but this does not mean that the Reiki is not working. Reiki is a system of allowing the natural energy, which is all around us, to enter the body and assist in healing. The practitioner is a channel for the energy to be drawn through by the need of the client. Neither person has to use any effort or concentration to allow the energy to flow. At the end of a treatment you will most probably feel very relaxed and sleepy; some people find it a moving experience both emotionally and spiritually.
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