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You now need a home information pack in place before you can start to market your property. HIPs were introduced to the housing market as from 1st August 2007 to help the buying and selling process for houses in Britain. By having a pack in place it is anticipated that the buyer will get a full report on the property they are considering.

A Home Information Pack includes the following:

The Index page simply lists and dates the documents contained within the HIP

Property Information Questionnaire (PIQ)
Sellers are also required to complete the new Property Information Questionnaire detailing important pre-sale information such as the council tax band, parking arrangements, utilities and flood risk — this could be vital information to a potential purchaser when deciding to make an offer.

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)
The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is a new requirement aimed at reducing energy costs and carbon emissions. As from October 2008 this became required for all properties for rent or for sale - Residential and Commercial. EPCs can only be produced by trained, qualified and accredited Energy Assessors who will need to vist the property to obtain certain information and measurements required to produce an EPC.

Sale Statement
The Sale Statement gives brief details of the property, tenure and name of the vendor who is selling the property.

Sustainability Information (required for newly built homes only)
The Sustainability Information is only required for newly built homes. All newly built homes must have a certificate (or interim certificate) showing the sustainability of the home where it complies with the standards under the Code for Sustainable Homes; or a nil-rated certificate where the property has not been assessed against the Code. The Code for Sustainable Homes measures the environmental impact of a new home against nine categories ranging from CO2 emissions to the amount of waste generated when building and using the home.

Land Registry (Register View & Title Plan) official copies
The Land Registry Title and Plan states the current owners of the property and any restrictions there may be on the property. The Plan outlines the boundary of the property.

Local Authority Searches (provided by a personal search agency)
The Local Authority Search details the address of the property and shows the Land Charges, Planning Permissions or Building Regulations applicable to the property. It also indicates if the roads are maintained by the Local Authority and other information held on record at the Local Authority relating specifically to the property.

Drainage and Water Search (Con29DW)
The Drainage and Water Search is obtained from the relevant Water Authority and reveals water, drainage and sewage connection details to the property and billing information.

The Lease is required if a property is leasehold, it means that the property is for sale but the land the property is built on is not. A buyer may have to pay ground rent to the freeholder and other service charges. For leasehold properties you must a provide copy of the lease. A copy must be provided within the Leasehold Home Information Pack (HIP).